Positive Street Art


I’m a little slow on the uptake for joining in the fun for Creative Every Day 2012, but it’s right on time.  I am starting 2012 on a complete paradigm shift, and this really affects  everything, especially my creative output. It’s a good thing. This past long weekend, with the children home from school, I decided to start a street art/guerrilla art campaign that I’ve been meaning to do for awhile in my slowly rejuvenating city neighborhood. One project was making slips of uplifting words to hide around the hood, in books or cracks or crevices in sidewalks. Sentences like, “Be nice.” “Make art. Be happy.”  “You look nice today.” This was inspired by artist Keri Smith. And the other project was another version of this flyer I found on Pinterest. I’m going to make a few copies, all hand drawn and post them in busy corridors of  my community. Cuz I know a bunch of people that could use a lot of what is written on the flyer, including me.


2 responses to “Positive Street Art

  1. I hadn’t heard of Creative Every Day 2012. But I love your idea, it makes my heart happy. I think the world needs more random positivity. Good for you. The world is nicer because of your actions.

  2. I LOVE THIS! I’m going to make some of these with my daughters and post them around town. Wonderful!

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