It’s only a half-joke that I include the fact that I want to learn how to levitate in my bio. I actually really want to do it, and I really believe it to be possible. I read Autobiography of a Yogi when I was in my early twenties and understood how masters of breath and meditation could really do miraculous things. Fast forward to May 2011 as I listened to the amazing poet Nikky Finney in a Radio Times interview on NPR. Nikky talked about how she felt like she could levitate or fly when she was little, based on some of the folkloric tales of how African-Americans could fly. She said her grandmother could understand her feelings of levitation and how she would hand her watermelons or other heavy objects to keep her feeling like she wouldn’t float away.

Nikky said people in interviews can’t understand what she means when she talks about this feeling of levitation. It sounds crazy. But to me, it made perfect sense.  When she talked about grabbing on to corners of tables to feel like she wouldn’t float up in the air, I remembered when I was young. I felt like I could see spots of vision that other people couldn’t see. I honestly thought I had different eyes, that I heard different sounds, that my body could do magical things. I felt like I could access different worlds. It does sound crazy. But after listening to Nikky, what I realize is that perhaps when poetry and art and ancestral spirit is running through your veins, ever since the day you were born, your perspective is wider than the reality in front of you.

She goes on to say that perhaps the levitation feeling was just about her coming into her own power. Yes, Nikky.

I am saying, yes, yes, yes.


One response to “Levitation

  1. I remember feeling exactly that way when I was little! The sensation was like I was going to just fly away, no control–and I didn’t even feel scared. Delicious feeling.

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